Alpine Boot


Using EFI in Alpine is supported but the documentation is not consistently available in the wiki where one would expect.


Setup the necessary environment variables

export BOOTLOADER=grub
export USE_EFI=1


Drop syslinux and add grub/friends

apk del syslinux
apk add grub grub-efi efibootmgr


Information that expands upon the documentation for Alpine's initramfs command line options.


  • installs openssh
  • enables/starts sshd
  • takes the string literal from ssh_key and puts that value into /root/.ssh/authorized_keys


APK overlay file to download and apply onto the system (this is a URL). Placing the file using the device:fstype:path method does not appear to work.

These are generally considered "Alpine local backups" and managed via lbu if seeking more information.


URL to use as the repository in the system


In order to get an IP one can use =dhcp OR define everything important to get a network connection during init:
^ ip address to request
             ^ server ip
                  ^ gateway
                             ^ netmask
                                           ^ system hostname
                                                      ^ autoconf is N/A
                                                            ^ DNS